Friday, June 12, 2009


to think you don't need Automatic Spell Check? Even I use Automatic Spell Check. The operative word is AUTOMATIC! How lazy are you that you cannot click your mouse on a button that will not only check your spelling, but give you a haircut and make you look good? It's free, it's easy, and you're a numbskull if you don't employ it. If you own a business or are looking for work, you receive an even harder spanking for not doing everything in your power to leave a good impression (or at least avoid leaving a bad impression).

My approach is derived from my ethic in college and grad school. I used the finest paper, set my margins according to guidelines (more on that in future rants), and met the desired page count on every single assignment. If format and presentation accounted for 10% of the grade, that was a guaranteed 10% that any fidiot could attain.

Hmm... let me think... Is it worth going on a rant about iPhone's Automatic Spell Check FAIL?

It suffices to say that its tendency to change "the" to "she" and "bushed" to "bushes" could land you in hot water some day. Don't ask how I know. IF YOU HAVE AN IPHONE, READ YOUR SHIT TWICE BEFORE SENDING! The operative word is READ. We learned how to do it early on, but some lessons need a refresher course later in life.

Is that too sarcastic? You can let me know, but by then it will be too late.

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