Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Edit U

I begin this blog on a bitchy note. My tweet right at this moment is:

If you are cryptic, unclear, incoherent, inconsistent, or avoidant, I will hunt down and shoot you. Most of you have nothing to worry about.

I've decided to free the beast. Writers need to hear what editors are really thinking. No more pussyfootin' around. On a good day, you might catch me in a magnanimous mood and I'll be willing to dole out some unbiased, practical writing advice with no snark.
On a good day.
Here is a picture of me on a good day at my midtown office.

Here is a picture of me on a no good, very bad day at my midtown office.

Michelle Sydney has an M.A. in Writing from DePaul University; a certificate from University of Chicago Publishing Program; and a B.A. in Psychology and English from NYU. She lives in NY with her husband who is a news junkie. She will occasionally rant about his obsession with news and his insane hours. She has been an editor in NY for ten years. You got a problem with that?

Leave a comment if you are looking for writing advice with absolutely no sugar coating.

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