Monday, August 24, 2009

Let's play!
How many excuses do you count in this email from an author?

Dear Michelle,

I aplogize for not responing earlier, but i escaped to get some work finished last week. I will be I will be sending portion of the work next week after I formate and scan. Sorry for the delay. I'm being overly cautious on this submission. However, I am still missing drawings for the first and fourth chapter. Under estimated the amount of time involved in completing. I hit a blank on the best way to visually describe the information.

I will be flying back at my house Friday and finish scanning the drawings i have completed. I should have not said I would send until I was confident in the quality.

Also i have been trying to complete my grant work this last week and a half. I just needed them out of my hair.

Thank you for being so patient,


Let's play! Count the typos next time. . .